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About: Founded in June 2014, Argus Maritime focuses on Portfolio|Program|Project|Engineering Management. Certified by PMI, we are also certified by ASEM as Professionals of Engineering Management.

Mission: Argus Maritime Management and Consulting, LLC’s primary goal is to bring proven Portfolio, Program, Project and Engineering Management techniques to bear on our client’s strategic goals and objectives, for the maximum realization of benefits for the organization. To do this, we have established Enterprise Environmental Factors that focus on the Argus Team: we treat our teammates well so they can provide the best possible service for our esteemed clients. Our priorities are People, Safety, Quality, Scope, Schedule and Budget.

Vision: To offer unparalleled portfolio, program, project and engineering management best practices at a revolutionary price, while leading the way in contributing to the growth and development of knowledge in the Project/Engineering Management profession, for the betterment of human society in all its future endeavors.

Adjunct Portfolio|Program|Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Professional of Engineering Management (CPEM): Michael A. Esparza, PMP, PgMP, CPEM.