About Us

Walashek Industrial & Marine, Inc. was founded in 1986. During its history, Walashek has earned a reputation for quality service at a reasonable price. The company has grown from an organization strictly specializing in boiler repair to one that presently provides a full range of ship repair and commercial construction services. The services regularly range from the repair and maintenance of stationary  power plants and pressure vessels, to shipboard repairs of commercial and government vessels. Walashek has experienced and qualified personnel with proven abilities to effectively manage projects of any size. Walashek has expended its resources to qualify its fabrication and welding procedures with the regulatory agencies of the US Navy, USCG, ABS, and ASME. As a prime contractor, Walashek provides first-class project management of its own resources as well as those of its team of qualified and experienced subcontractors.

Walashek’s corporate headquarters is in Norfolk, Virginia and has additional operational maintenance facilities in California,  Washington,  Alabama & South Carolina..          

Quality Policy

Walashek Industrial & Marine Inc. is committed to providing its customers with repair and fabrication services meeting quality requirements on time, while striving to continually improve the Quality Management System through the establishment and achievement of quality objectives and ensuring all employees are aware of the policy and how it affects them and their role in the company.

Walashek personnel are experienced in the following areas:

Project Management

Complete overhaul and repair of both main and auxiliary boilers

Machinery/mechanical/hydraulic equipment overhaul and repair

Piping System fabrication, modification and repair; full shop facilities

Aluminum structure repair; specialty welding

Boiler cleaning, high pressure lancing

Heat exchanger/condenser repair, cleaning, and overhaul

Pumps, valves and piping repairs and installations; process piping

Heat treating/stress relieving

Nondestructive testing capabilities including VT, PT and MT

ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System (QMS)


Certified ASME Repairs & Alteration Repair “R” Stamp Certificate by National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

NAVSEA approved Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR)

ABS Certified welders

24 hours a day 7 days a week response time upon notification

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