Walashek Industrial & Marine Services

Walashek Industrial & Marine, Inc. provides quality service to marine and industrial customers worldwide. While highly recognized in the field of boiler repairs, installations and testing, we have expanded from specializing in boiler repairs to a full range of services in ship repair and industrial repairs. Walashek provides a full range of repair, maintenance and installation services for marine vessels, stationary and marine boilers, pressure vessels, power plants and distilling plants.

Ship repair near the seaport


Walashek Industrial & Marine, Inc. is committed to providing its customers with repair and fabrication services meeting quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and NAVSEA Standard Item 009-04. Our Quality Assurance Department adheres to U.S. Navy and ASME Section IX with a full understanding of MIL-SPEC and ASME/ABS requirements. The system has been reviewed and approved for use on contracts by NAVSEA, SWRMC, MARMC, and SERMC.

Safety and Healthy Kit for Industrial and Boiler Repair

Safety and Health

By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we will all contribute to the well-being of personnel and subsequently, the company. We believe in the self-respect and importance of the individual employee and his or her right to derive personal satisfaction from the job. Occupational injuries and illnesses are of such a consequence to this belief that it will be given a top priority at all times. We have established a robust Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program that emphasizes the integration of EHS measures into each job task so that safety, health and job performance become inseparable.

Auxiliary Boiler Overhaul

Structural / Mechanical / Hydraulics

  • Complete Main and Auxiliary Boiler Overhaul and Repair
  • Complete Hull and Structural Modification and Repair
  • Distilling Plants
  • Condensers / Heat Exchangers
  • Pumps, Piping Systems and Valves
  • Machinery / Hydraulic Installation and Repair
  • *US Navy, USCG, ABS, ASME, NBIC Welding—Pressure Vessel Qualifications
  • We are “R” Stamp certified


Walashek Industrial & Marine, Inc. is a major provider of services to marine boilers. We have locations in several different areas to serve our customers. Whether it is an emergency repair or a scheduled dry docking, we are prepared to mobilize our resources to any place in the world.

We provide a full range of marine industrial repair, maintenance, and installation services. We take tremendous pride in our company’s experience and certifications assuring our customers that Walashek can properly execute projects in accordance with stringent specifications and expedited schedules.